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What are your concerns regarding the Criminal Justice Reform bill ?  I have many concerns regarding the criminal justice reform bill.  Although the bill attempts to make change, it is by far underfunded and our legislature needs to do more to assist our local law enforcement agencies to afford the astronomical cost it is and will incur on agencies and taxpayers. More needs to be done to assure parts of the bill will protect victims and hold individuals who commit crimes accountable. 

Do you have any concerns regarding the budget?


What stands you apart from the other candidates?

I am the only candidate that has worked every facet of the Sheriff’s department. I  have extensive experience in the corrections and patrol division including supervisory, field training officer, and serving as union president. Having this experience, allows me to make decisions based off of first hand knowledge and not reliant on others to fill me in or consult on what needs to be done. My additional experiences working for smaller communities in and out of the county and again in a supervisor capacity, gives me additional experience within law enforcement to lead this agency and provide our county  with the best service possible.  

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