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About James Robertson

I joined the Illinois National Guard when I was a junior in high school and served as a 16S (MOS) (member of a portable air defense system missile unit (MANPADS)) for 8 years.  I graduated ROWVA high school in 1994 and attended Carl Sandburg College for a short period of time. I started my career in 1998 as a police officer in the Village of East Galesburg and by the end of the same year was hired as a corrections officer with Knox County. During my time as a corrections officer, I filled in on multiple occasions for patrol and worked many contracts that were open in Wataga at the time.

In 2011, I transferred to patrol where I continued my service until March of 2020. During that time, I served as a field training officer for new recruits and lateral transfers from other agencies and was appointed to second shift patrol as a supervisor for a short period of time by the current administration. I was also elected and served as Union President until my departure in 2020.

I currently serve as the Chief of Police in the Village of Williamsfield and have since 2014. During my time in Williamsfield, I was involved in updating the ordinances to be current with other communities when it comes to law enforcement action. I worked on a policy procedure manual and continue to update it as we progress into these changing times. I also currently serve as a Sergeant for the Galva police department where I have worked since December 2020. I oversee scheduling, policy updates, staffing issues, officer duties and many others as the chief delegates to my position.

That’s my career in a nutshell. You can learn more about me, my campaign and what I stand for by scrolling below.   

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To be established as a trusted, modern law enforcement agency that provides public safety and a high quality of service to the community, all while retaining integrity.


Preserve public safety by providing protection of life and property, maintaining public trust, treating all with dignity and respect, and demanding the highest standards of honesty and integrity.


• Maintain a trustworthy and professional relationship with our community • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service to the public by expanding the use of technology • Develop strategies to recruit and retain high-quality employees, enhance employee satisfaction, and staff development • Work to build a community and culture where personnel and residents are respected, valued, and understood for their own identities