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James Robertson

Knox County Sheriff

My Message

“Together we can build trust within law enforcement, that prioritizes public safety. We must continue the fight to keep violent criminals out of our community, protect those unable to protect themselves and build a better, safer Knox County.”


About James Robertson

Bringing over 20+ years of law enforcement experience

James Robertson believes in building trust within our community and fostering better relationships with local agencies and organizations. 

James Robertson's Plan

Budget, policy, operations, staffing, retention, and  criminal justice reform are just a few.  These all coincide together and your future Sheriff will need to be ready to address them. 

As your Sheriff, I will:

  • Reduce spending
  • Address the changes needed in order to reduce litigation in our corrections division
  • Implement new and updated policies, addressing all these issues to move us into 21st century policing
  • Provide more coverage and a better service to our communities.
  • Less tax dollars being spent 
  • Well trained and better equipped deputies serving Knox County
  • Policy that will follow suit with reform and 21st century policing
  • Keep morale high within the department
  • Provide better service to the public